Pocket Jump Starter MAX

Pocket Jump Starter MAX

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Are you Worried your car battery will die?

This is a problem that all of us have experienced, having a dead battery is irritating, frustrating, and even embarrassing.

LuxeGadget has the Perfect Solution for you! We are proud of introducing the new Pocket Jump Starter Max. 

Never worry about having a dead car battery AGAIN!


  • Don't ever worry about having a dead car battery or any other dead battery, it can literally charge anything!

  • Don't worry about where your car is parked
  • Jump-Start your car in Seconds!
  • Store it anywhere! The Pocket Jump Starter Max makes honor to its name, it's "pocket" size makes it fit anywhere in your car. 
  • Don't rely on strangers to Jump Start your car. 
  • Have to jump start your car at night? No problem, the Pocket Jump Starter Max integrates a 3 mode LED Light perfect for any scenario. 
  • Don't damage your car's electronic system
  • Jump Start a 3.0L vehicle up to 40 times!!

It's unique and slick design is the perfect solution for a dead car battery.

Its high battery capacity will ensure that you are never left stranded


When your car battery dies you have only two options either jump start your car using booster cables or tow your car. Booster cables are ancient and outdated, you not only need someone to help you jump start your car but you run the risk of burning your car's electronic components which are quite expensive.

Instead of relying on the goodwill of strangers or pay a huge amount of money to tow your car, why not take matters into your own hands?  


 Jump-Start your car in seconds, now you will not run late by waiting for your car battery to charge, just connect the Pocket Jump Starter Max to the battery and start your car!


With its small size, the Pocket Jump Starter can be kept in any part of your car without taking too much storage!

Most of the time you need to take into consideration whether the host vehicle will be able to get close enough for the booster cables to reach the disabled vehicle’s battery, with the Pocket Jump Starter Max this is no problem. 

Charges Many Devices: If all the Pocket Jumper did was jump-start vehicles, it'd be a steal, but you're getting much more than that. It also acts as a powerful portable power bank that can charge smartphones, iPads, tablets, GPS devices - or any device.

Built-In Flashlight & Emergency Light: It doesn't matter where or when you use the Pocket Jump Starter, it will be ready for any situation. With its 3 modes LED light you don't have to worry to jump start your car at night or in low light conditions.

Our Pocket Jump Starter MAX is so powerful that you can charge a 3.0 L engine car up to 40 times!

When you use booster cables to jump-start your car you have double the chance of issues with your electronic car system, reversed connections are very dangerous to the operator and the vehicles involved. They can create sparks, which could result in an explosion if battery gases are present. They also can cause damage to expensive electronic components on one or both of the vehicles involved.

With the Pocket Jump Starter MAX, enjoy 8 SAFETY  SMART Design Features


Save time, frustration, and THOUSANDS of dollars with the Pocket Jump Starter Max!

FAST SHIPPING 1-5 business days!


  • Integrated flashlight
  •  11,100 mAh capacity
  • Peak current of 800 A
  • Suitable for 90% of vehicles

Package includes:


Due to high demand, the 50% Discount will be a LIMITED-TIME OFFER and will be applied on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE basis. 

How to Use:



1. How to turn off the jump starter? 

The device has a built-in smart detection function.  When there is no load or charging is complete, the jump starter will automatically go into sleep mode to conserve power. 

2. How many times can the car starter charge a mobile phone? 

It depends on the battery capacity of your mobile 


3. What is the service life of the jump starter? 

Under normal use, the device can be used for 3-5 years. 


4. How long can the jump starter be kept after a full charge? 

Based on the circuit design of the jump starter,  the device can be kept for 6-12 months after a full charge. 
Do not store the device for a prolonged period of time when its battery life is low. To extend the service life, it is recommended to charge the device every three months. 

5. After a prolonged period of storage, can the jump starter be used immediately to jump-start a car? 

If there is a need to use the device after a prolonged period of storage, check the battery indicator to make sure that at least 2 indicator lights turn on. 
Otherwise,  charge the device before using it to jump-start a car.

6.Emergency power supply models:

The emergency power supply can start up to 4.0L petrol cars under normal temperature and full power. Gasoline cars, diesel cars, and tractors larger than 4.0L are not in the normal working range of this power supply and cannot start normally.



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