ArticMist Cooling Sytem

ArticMist Cooling Sytem

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  Assassinate the heat by outsmarting it..



  • Slaughter the Heat: This fantastic outdoor cooling system provides a cool environment from the heat for your favorite outdoor areas. You will create the perfect mood for your family reunions. Enjoy your family and friends without the heat. 
  • Cooling and humidifier function bring you a cool summer and a more healthy life.
  • Watering Customization: Every nozzle can be adjusted individually and the nozzle has two spraying modes, columnar and foggy, allowing setting each nozzle to your preferred needs. 
  • Wide Applications: Ideal for flowers, plants, bonsai, and potted fruit, patio drip irrigation. A perfect garden watering kit for family homes, hotels, clubs, offices patios, greenhouses, gardens, lawns, and other plants of intelligent care.
  • Works as an Irrigation System: Water your plants every day automatically when you are on a business trip or during your travel, it will decrease your patio temperature up to 20°f, cooling and humidifier function bring you a cool summer and a healthy life.
  • Low Water Consumption: Be part of the conscientious community that day-to-day is helping the environment by using low water consumption appliances. Save up to 99% of water!

Slaughter the Heat

The ArticMist Cooling System is able to drop the temperature of any place you install it. When you finish the easy installation you will enjoy a bonding summer experience with your family as never before. Spend quality time with your loved ones outside and without the heat!

Wide Capabilities 

The ArticMist Cooling System will accommodate all of your needs, do you need to cool down your patio, office, driveway, party, trampoline, business, garden, lawn, tree-house? No problem! the ArticMist Cooling System has you covered.  Transform any boring living space into a pleasant and cool environment for your family and friends. 

 Love your Garden?

Show your plants and trees how much you care for them with the ArticMist Cooling System.  Water your plants every day automatically when you are on a business trip or during your travel. Your plants will look 100 times better and your neighbors will envy your gorgeous garden  

 Water consumption

 More and more people are joining the conscientious community that day-to-day are preserving our water supply. Water scarcity is a prevailing problem in our communities but yet there has not been a breakthrough in Environmental-Safe Cooling systems until now. The  ArticMist Cooling System can fully operate with only 3L of water per hour, to take that into perspective you use that amount of water in your shower in less than 45 seconds. Be part of the water conscientious community and help save humanity. 


1. Cut the water pipe according to the length you need.
2. Attach tee with the atomizing nozzle.
3. Attach an end closure when you finish all atomizing nozzles’ installation.
4. Attach the pipe to tubing quick connector with the tee.
5. Attach the tubing quick connector with the universal connector.
6. Attach the system to Faucet and place the installed spray near your plants.



  • Please connect the sprays to the hose as deep as you can to prevent leaks.
  • This spray watering kit comes with 2 types of faucet connector. One is a threaded faucet connector, it is suitable for 3/4'' threaded faucet. Another one is a universal faucet connector, suitable for the non-threaded faucet.
  • Soak the end of the tubing in hot water for a minute, It will be easier to set up them together. After it cools down the tube will stay tight.
  • To get the water flow for the far sprayers, please balance the flow rate - rotate the near sprayers to a small value, rotate the far sprayers to the maximum value.
  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.


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