ALL-Purpose Home Sentry CAM

ALL-Purpose Home Sentry CAM

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 Do you feel anxious every time you leave your home? Or are you always wondering what your kids/spouse are up to? 

LuxeGadget has the perfect solution for you! We are proud of introducing the new ALL-Purpose Home Sentry CAM it's like having your own personal security guard in your home!

 We all have felt that weird feeling that something is going on in our home when we leave for work, get groceries, or when we go on vacation. That annoying feeling that's always on the back of your head and doesn't let you concentrate on your daily routine. 


  • The ALL-Purpose Home Sentry CAM makes honor to its name! It covers all of your necessities!
    • Works as a Baby Monitor 
    • Security Camera 
    • Outdoor Security Camera
    • Family Security
    • Pet Monitor
  • This innovative camera uses highly advanced Automatic Motion Tracking Technology to follow any movement within its view.
  • The Home Sentry CAM has wifi connection capabilities so you can literally be in your home with just a click of a button. 
  • Cruise the Home Sentry Cam view through your home from your phone! So you will be able to see anything in your house. 
  • Talk with your love one's through the camera with Two-Way Audio
  • HD Night Vision!
  • Receive a notification when something is out of place!



    Automatic Motion Tracking:

    Follow every step that your child, spouse, pet, or even thief makes in your house! The ALL-Purpose Home Sentry CAM has an advanced motion detection system that will follow any movement within its range! 

    Wifi Connection:

    The ALL-Purpose Home Sentry CAM connects to wifi enabling you to see a real-time recording of your home at any moment! So you won't have to worry ever again of theft, your children, spouse, or pet when you are not around. 


    360 View:

    Be in every corner of your home! The ALL-Purpose Home Sentry CAM has a complete 360 view of its surroundings so you won't ever have to worry about blind spots in your home. 


    Two-Way Audio:

    The ALL-Purpose Home Sentry CAM has speakers and microphone integrated so you can see and talk to your family wherever you are! You will be so involved in what happens in your home that even your parenting skills will greatly improve... No mischiefs on your watch!

    Motion Detection Alarm:

    The ALL-Purpose Home Sentry CAM will send you a push notification to your phone every time it detects any movement, so you will always know when something is out of place in your house. This of course can be turned ON/OFF at your discretion. 

    Know exactly what's happening in your house with a click of a button!

    Infrared Night Vision:

    It doesn't matter what time of the day it is or the lighting conditions the Home Sentry CAM is in, you will always be able to have an HD view of your home!


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    Worried about home security?

    Do you know that in the US there is a home burglarized EVERY 13 SECONDS?

    That's right, in the US alone there are 2.5 million burglaries per year!! 

    To make this worse police solve only 12% of reported burglary cases due to lack of a witness or physical evidence. 

    The ALL-Purpose Home Sentry CAM is the perfect security camera for you! You can place the  Home Sentry CAM anywhere in your home and with a multi-camera setup, you will be able to cover every inch square of your home. 


    Secure your home and loved ones with the ALL-Purpose Home Sentry CAM

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    1)Have to buy cloud storage service?

          This camera has cloud storage and ordinary card storage capabilities, do not want to buy cloud storage, you can insert an sd card for recordings.


    2)What can we do when the camera be stolen?

          Do not worry, camera with cloud storage capabilities, video stored in the cloud server, the camera was stolen, the videos can be found by cloud storage account.


    3)Does cloud storage camera can support recording for SD Card and cloud storage at the same time?

          Yes. Support SD Card and cloud storage recordings at the same time if you put SD Card and purchase cloud storage service


    4)Which cloud service company you use?Is it free ?

          We use the Amazon cloud server. Yes, we offer a 15-day-long cloud service, everyone can enjoy the cloud storage service for free, after that you can choose to pay for the service at a low cost.


    5)How to protect the privacy of individuals from Cloud?         

          The server Is Amazon cloud, support US-EU Safe Harbor and ISO/IEC27001:2013,it with High safety certification

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