Thermal Bag Bottle Heater

Thermal Bag Bottle Heater

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Does it really matter what temperature your baby’s bottle is?

YES! A woman's body temperature usually sits at around 98 ℉. Milk straight from the breast has a similar temperature. Tap water temperature varies based on location and the time of year. However, if you give a baby formula made with tap water, it could be more than 40℉ colder than breast milk.  Nature intended for babies to drink warm milk – so it makes sense to give your baby a warm bottle.

Why you should warm your baby's bottle?

  • Breastmilk is at or near the average human body temperature of 98 degrees.
  • A bottle made with tap water (or filtered water from the fridge or countertop) could be as much as 40 or 50 degrees colder than breastmilk. That is a big difference!
  • Baby’s body must use energy to heat the cold liquid as it digests.
  • Some parents report that drinking a cold bottle causes their baby to have a stomachache.


Product Features:

  • Warm water and milk for Baby:  

    Make your babies drink only warm water and milk using our USB  Charged Thermal Bag. This Thermal bag maintains the temperature and keeps the liquid warm, it doesn’t heat but only keeps warm of the milk.

Our thermal will make sure your baby drinks only warm milk from now!

      • Maintains warm temperature for a long time: 

        The heating cord is well protected under    insulation while feeding milk. Hence, the heating can be kept on even while feeding thus,  giving warm temperatures for a longer  duration. Before use, the product needs to be preheated for 10-20 minutes, then the product is warmed, then the bottle is wrapped up, and the bottle is warmed to complete the work.

      • Easily Washable for your convenience:  Our Heating cord comes in a Cotton Thermal Bag which can be easily  removed as well as washed.  There is no danger of leakage. We ensure   100% hygiene and safety of your baby.

      • Portable with Long Cable: 

        The Heating Thermal Bag  is  completely  handy  to carry and can be charged  anywhere  with the 1.2m USB Cable.  This makes sure that the baby can be fed warm milk anywhere, anytime at 98 ℉.

      • Happiness is Guaranteed:                            Our thermal bag  comes  with a Velcro pouch, long USB Cord, is easily washable and provides a constant temperature for longer durations. Ready to buy the Thermal bag?

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